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What is a Carnet-ATA?

A ATA Carnet is a accepted customs document, which simplifies customs clearance and clerance procedures for temporary import into a participating country.

ATA Stands fort he French-English word combination „Admission Temporaire / Temporary Admission“

In contrast to the temporary importation, with Carnet-ATA Procedure there won’t be anyimport duties to pay.

A Carnet ATA can be used for several border crossings. Instead of national customs papers, you can use the ATA carnet fort he export, import and transit.

Pay attention to:

The Carnet ATA may only be used for items which are not sold or used at destination.

The consignor has to ensure that exactly the same goods, which were imported, are also exported again. Customos Authorities can check this by doublechecking Serial numbers, comparison of photographs etc. etc.

The validity period auf a ATA Carnet is one year.

The user oft he Carnet ATA is responsible for the strict adherence to the regulations.

For machines and equipment, it is recommended to specify the serial number as well as type, make and manufacturer.

Ist’s not possible to dispatch your Carnet-ATA shipment by mail since the goods must be accompanied.

Under certain circumstances the export of the goods (with a already opened ATA Carnet) is also possile outside normal customs business hours, including Saturdays and Sundays. In case of questions or doubts please contact the relevant customs office directly.

The carnet system is regulated internationally by customs agreements of the World Customs Organization (WCO). It is managed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) with the help of its sub-organizations - the World ATA Council (WATAC).

The Chamber of Commerce Chamber (opening the ATA Carnet) guarantees for local duties to the customs organization of the importing country. This means that if the goods are not re-exported within a reasonable period, the levy must be reimbursed by the consignor.

When to use a ATA-Carnet:

In general, Carnet ATA Documents are accepted for the following purposes:

• Exhibition goods
• Sampes
• Professional equipment
• Scientific equipment
• Equipment for film, press, radio/TV
• Touring equipment for musicians

Where to apply?

Carnet ATA Documents are issued through a network of industry, trade and chambers of commerce that are part oft he international ATA guarantee. As a sender, you can contact this organization direcly or get in touch with your local forwarding agent.

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